125 Things to Do Instead of Trolling People on the Internet

I write a lot about forming life enriching habits. One of the things I talk about in this post on is that instead of focusing on things you want to STOP doing, most people find more success with forming habits they would like to cultivate instead. (In other words, work on a “DO” habit instead of a “DON’T” habit.)

So, instead of saying to myself “I want to stop yelling at my kids,” I might have more success if I learn some discipline tools that you can use instead of yelling at my kids.

Instead of “stop spending money on take-out,” I might have more success if I work on positive habits, such as paying all the bills and putting money into savings as soon as I get paid.

And if I find myself trolling people on the internet, instead of telling myself “stop trolling people on the internet,” I might be more successful if I choose something else to do instead.

In that spirit, I offer the following list of things one might do instead of trolling people on the internet.

  1. Study for that test
  2. Do your homework
  3. Work on your college applications
  4. Study for the S.A.T.
  5. Cook dinner for your parents
  6. Clean up the kitchen
  7. Pay a bill
  8. Take out the trash
  9. Take a shower
  10. Say something kind to someone
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Go to the gym
  13. Do your laundry
  14. Go to bed
  15. Donate money to a charitable cause
  16. KonMari your home
  17. Take a professional development course
  18. Go grocery shopping
  19. Play a video game
  20. Knit a sweater or something
  21. Skateboard
  22. Go for a run
  23. Go for a swim
  24. Go for a hike
  25. Pick up litter on the street
  26. Reach out to your therapist
  27. Learn a new language
  28. Read a book
  29. Redecorate your home
  30. Plant some flowers
  31. Plant a vegetable garden
  32. Write about yourself instead of other people
  33. Play an instrument
  34. Sing some karaoke
  35. Sing in a chorus
  36. Work on your resume
  37. Send out a job application
  38. Go do some online shopping
  39. Figure out your budget
  40. Figure out your long term financial plan.
  41. Volunteer
  42. Plan a date for your significant other
  43. Have sex with a consenting adult. Or two. Whatever.
  44. Masturbate
  45. Work on an arts and crafts project
  46. Paint a picture
  47. Draw
  48. Finally get your small business plan written
  49. Ask someone how their day was
  50. Run an errand you have been putting off
  51. Buy someone a gift for someone in your life
  52. Make a gift for someone in your life
  53. Watch TV
  54. Watch a movie at home
  55. Binge watch your favorite show on Netflix
  56. Go to the library
  57. Watch a documentary
  58. Go sky diving
  59. Book a ticket to someplace you have always wanted to visit
  60. Call a relative
  61. Clean out your pantry and bring food to a food bank
  62. Meditate
  63. Do some yoga
  64. Learn a martial art
  65. Learn Parkour
  66. Pray
  67. Go to sleep
  68. Play fantasy football
  69. Play real football
  70. Play Magic the Gathering
  71. Play Dungeons and Dragons
  72. Play World of War craft
  73. Play GURPS
  74. Watch porn
  75. Smoke whatever you enjoy
  76. Drink
  77. Use your substance of choice
  78. Listen to a loved one
  79. Talk about your own problems
  80. Go out for dinner
  81. Buy a new outfit
  82. Learn a new sport
  83. Shoot baskets
  84. Listen to an audiobook
  85. Go to a concert
  86. Go to a movie
  87. Go to a play
  88. Go to a museum
  89. Bake your favorite dessert
  90. Cook your favorite meal
  91. Read a science textbook
  92. Read a history textbook
  93. Watch paint dry
  94. Learn how to read and interpret statistics and scientific studies
  95. Walk your dog
  96. Clean your cat’s litter box
  97. Post pictures of yourself on social media
  98. Pick a new habit to work on
  99. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  100. Play Sudoku
  101. Do a crossword puzzle
  102. Paint your nails
  103. Plant an herb garden
  104. Organize your bookshelf
  105. Delete all the files you don’t need off your computer
  106. Delete all the files you don’t need off your phone
  107. Cry if you need to. Really.
  108. Build a piece of furniture
  109. Scrub your floors
  110. Brush your teeth
  111. Drink a glass of water
  112. Clean your bathroom
  113. Do some origami
  114. Listen to a podcast
  115. Listen to a symphony
  116. Get treatment for your depression
  117. Get treatment for your anxiety
  118. Listen to an opera
  119. Listen to the radio
  120. Groom your pet
  121. Watch stand-up comedy videos
  122. Watch how-to videos
  123. Dance
  124. Learn an new skill
  125. Read things on the internet that you actually like, and comment positively on them.

If you are looking for more guidance on how to set a sustainable habit goal, start with this post.

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