What If You Hate Exercise?

I am in agreement with this post. Another great one from Dances With Fat!

Dances With Fat

CS 4 ChadShannel is going to sleep in and skip the gym today.

I got this e-mail today: “I’m thinking about my New Year’s resolutions and I want to make exercise one of them (not for weight loss, I know that doesn’t work) but because I understand that it’s good for my body. The problem is, I absolutely hate it so I don’t know if doing it fits in with my idea of Health at Every Size. I hear people talk about “joyful moving” but there’s nothing joyful about it for me!”

This is a question I get a lot.  First, there is a mistaken notion out there that because I talk about my life as a fathlete, and I talk about what the research says about fitness, that I am “promoting” exercise or I think that people “should” exercise.

Sometimes this happens because I haven’t written things as clearly as I…

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Study: Diet Culture is Screwing Up Five Year Old Girls

“We can make this stop. I think the solution is to talk about the health of all children, instead of the size of some children. I think it’s helping kids develop a strong relationship and sense of trust with their bodies, it’s helping them understand their bodies’ needs instead of being terrified of being or becoming “fat.” I think it’s helping them try out lots of types of movement and giving them a chance to find something they enjoy instead of insisting that if they don’t like getting dodge balls hurled at them, or playing organized sports, or being judged on their ability to do a random group of exercises once a year (for which they get no training the rest of the year) then they deserve to be ridiculed. There are lots of things that we could do if we really cared about kids’ health, and talking about their weight isn’t even close.”

Another great post from Dances With Fat.

Dances With Fat

grade on curveIf you were looking for proof that our culture is unbelievably messed up around dieting, health, and weight, you need look no further than the fact that a study has come out called “Dietary restraint of 5-year-old girls: Associations with internalization of the thin ideal and maternal, media, and peer influences.”

Yes, we have reached a point where we are studying dieting behaviors and thin obsession in kindergarten girls.  So what did the study find?


Thirty-four percent of girls reported at least a moderate level of dietary restraint. While most girls were satisfied with their body size, half showed some internalization of the thin ideal. Girls’ dietary restraint was correlated with weight bias favoring thinner bodies, and greater internalization of the thin ideal, media exposure, and appearance conversations with peers. Media exposure and appearance conversations were the strongest predictors of dietary restraint.

That is straight up horrifying…

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Feeling thankful

Wanted to share this post written by a friend. She talks about habits I am working on, such as gratitude, balance, dietary changes over the long term. She has a few years on me in terms of her habits journey, so that shows persistence and sustainability too.

Our Life With a CSA

Each week before my Farmer Dave’s CSA pick-up day an email gets sent out to member with a list of what we may expect in our share that week ( which can change) and Farm Notes.  These are usually about what is happening on the farm, what is being harvested etc.  The notes are always interesting and I enjoy reading them.

The Farm Notes this week really struck a chord with me.  They were written by one of the farm team members talking about the emails they receive from families.  How the CSA has changed the way their family especially the children eat.  The vegetables and fruit taste so good that it isn’t a battle to get them to eat.  The kids look forward to it, they talk about it. That is success.

Working in health care I see the effects of poor nutrition every day in children and adults…

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What If I’m Not Happy With My Weight

If you struggle with wanting to love your body as is, yet still wanting to lose weight, here are some thoughts from someone who has been there. I appreciated seeing this post today. Another great post from Dances With Fat.

Dances With Fat

Design by Kris Owen Design by Kris Owen

A question I get from readers pretty often, especially readers new to Health at Every Size/Size Acceptance is some version of “I’m all for Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size for anyone else and I want to end weight stigma, shame, and bullying for people of all sizes,  but I still want to lose weight for [xyz reasons] – I don’t know what to do…”  I had several people ask some version of it today, so I’m re-posting this in case it’s helpful.

First of all, I think that people have a right to make choices for their bodies, so I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live.  I came to Health at Every Size in a roundabout way.  I had become frustrated with the diet programs my doctor was prescribing and, as a trained researcher, I decided to read the actual research to…

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Fat Ands Over Fat Buts

Another great post by Dances With Fat. I have been much happier since I stopped apologizing for my shape, though I could always work on this!

Dances With Fat

Picture courtesy of the fabulous Jodee Rose http://jodee.deviantart.com Picture courtesy of the fabulous Jodee Rose http://jodee.deviantart.com

Someone shared a Facebook meme with me that said “I may be fat, but I’m fabulous!”  I’ve seen this in any number of iterations: I may be fat but I”m fit, or I may be fat, but I’m not lazy, even though I fat I’m still beautiful etc.

I’ve certainly done this myself in the past and while I’m not trying to tell anyone what to say or think, I do think that this may be worth looking at.

What I realized for me was that when I said  “I’m fat but…” or “even though I’m fat…”  I (however inadvertently) gave credence to stereotypes about fat people.  For example if I say that I’m fat but I’m a good dancer, there is a suggestion that the fact that I’m both fat and a good dancer is a surprise, or that I’m somehow overcoming…

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Body Positive Is For Everyone

Great post from the Ipockolypse.

The Ipockolypse

My husband and I were discussing the blog the other night, while cuddling on couch. He said that someone told him that the body positive movement was only created so overweight people can feel good about being overweight. My husband, bless his heart, said maybe the movement would have more legitimacy if there was more to it.

I tried not to let my rage boil over and burn his face.

20140723_202727First off, and this is truly just a side note, there is nothing wrong with people loving their body type even if it is not ideal. Just because you don’t find something aesthetically attractive doesn’t mean other people won’t. The fact that we need a movement so women can stop hiding in their homes and be out in the world is a sign that it is needed. No woman, no one, should have to hide in shame because of how…

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