Happy Habitiversary to Me!

Today marks the one year point for when I set my first habit goals and set up a spreadsheet to track them . I’m calling it my habitiversary. I’m not sure I like the term; let me know if you think of something catchier ;).

I started with a just a couple, and now I have a color-coded rainbow spreadsheet to track many habits across many areas of my self-care. Not to mention a blog, and a series on how to help others get started making successful habit changes.

When I started last year, deciding to track healthy habits instead of a number on a scale or clothing size was unfamiliar territory for me. I decided I wanted to be open to whatever outcomes would come.

Well, here are some of the outcomes that I am experiencing:

Happy habitiversary to me!!!


9 thoughts on “Happy Habitiversary to Me!

  1. Congrats! I enjoyed reading what steps you took to make this transformation. What made you decide to change your habits; just curious. I am an exercise science major soon to be grad student & my blogs have to do with a fitness, health, wellness, ect.. all the good stuff & I am new to writing blogs but finding my way around it slowly. I have been taking time to read other blogs dealing with same topics or that surround my topic for ideas and or insight on different things. You are more than welcome to take time to read some or all of my blog post, would greatly appreciate it and maybe we can share some ideas and or opinions! thank you.


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    • Hi Shay-lon! Thanks for reading :). As for what made me decide to change my habits, I wanted to improve my energy levels and the way I felt. And I wanted to do it in a way that modeled self compassion, not self hate. I have a small child, and I know all too well that he will internalize whatever I put out there.

      Thanks again for reading. I will check out your blog!

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      • Bethany,
        That is stunning, I love how you developed a positive outlook and stayed positive through this process, not many do. Your story definitely hit home and I am more than excited to read more of what you have to say in your continuing blogs. Thank you for replying back.



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