The Loving Our Body Lie

I used to believe the myth that if I loved my body as is, horrible things would happen to me. I no longer believe that at all. Great post by Dances with Fat.

Dances With Fat

Angry FrustratedOne of the most common and most damaging lies perpetuated by those justifying fat shaming/fat hate, selling diets, and perpetuating a sizeist culture was sent to me in a comment today:

If we allow women to love their bodies regardless of their size then they will never take good care of them!

So many wrong things, let’s break it down:

If we allow?  Allow?  ALLOW?  The idea that women need to be treated like toddlers, told what we are and are not allowed to do “for our own good”, and that fat women should be treated like toddlers in time-out for not obeying is so incredibly fucked there aren’t sufficient words to describe it.  Women don’t need anyone’s permission to love our bodies (or to not love them.) Anyone who thinks that it’s their job to be telling women, who haven’t asked them, what those women are and are not allowed…

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