Body Image Progress

I wanted to share some body positive successes I have had in the last week. I don’t always have “good body image days” (said in the same spirit as “good hair days”). My body positive attitude development has been an exercise in patience, just like my strength development.  But I had two experiences last week that showed me that I am making progress in this area, even if every day is not great.

Last week, my mother sent me some photos that she took when she came to visit us. This picture in particular, struck me.

Blueberry picking

One year ago, whenever I saw full body pictures of myself, I usually felt deeply ashamed. I probably would have deleted it. I remember seeing pictures from a family photo shoot taken this time last year, and I felt ashamed of the way my body looked.

Last week, when I saw that picture, I thought, “damn, look at those weightlifter traps!!!” I posted it on my Facebook timeline and in several groups, with this caption:

I love this picture. Savta took this picture when we went blueberry picking last week. One year ago I would have hated this picture and never shared it. Now, I see weightlifters traps, strong legs, and myself walking tall and confident, enjoying a beautiful morning with my son.

I’ll take it.

Then, later in the week, a friend asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to come over for swimming in their pool. I immediately responded that my son and I wanted to. I swam in the pool with my son and my friends for a couple hours. I got a big sunburn on my shoulders and upper back, because it had been so long since I had worn a bathing suit outdoors and had that much fun.
Successes feel good. It feels great to finally start seeing the results of my progress in this area!

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