100 Strength Workouts! and Joy Sparked

Today I did my 100th strength workout of the year! My goal for the year is 150 so I’m well on my way and may even reach the goal early! I’m very happy with this. Habits work!

This week was a deload week. That means lighter weights and lower volume. At barbell club today, I learned some new drills to help me pattern dropping under the bar quickly in the snatch. Then I did my workout, focusing on dropping under the bar. I think I made a lot of progress and I felt happy with it! My speed under the bar for cleans can use work too, but that will be for another day.

Today I started discarding and organizing my clothes using the KonMari method. I am excited to start (and also a little nervous, overwhelmed, and skeptical, but as they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained!”). I had heard good things about this method from friends, so I requested the book from the library months ago. There was quite a line for the book and I finally got my turn to check it out and read it last week. Before I read it, I had heard that the main criteria used in the method to decide whether to keep an item is whether it “sparks joy” in you. Well, my weightlifting equipment definitely sparks joy in me, and now that I understand what that feeling is, I think downsizing stuff in my home will be a lot easier! I can’t say enough good things about picking a sport you really like, rather than just “exercising.”

Also in the category of self care, I asked my husband to take my kiddo out this weekend so I could have some introvert time. I wish I could have more. I need a mom vacation.

Happy Saturday and thanks for reading!


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