Deload week: not every week is a PR week

I was really proud of the PRs I set last weekend. Now it’s time for a deload week.

Perfect timing too. I was sick. I had some muscle cramps, including the diaphragm muscles, which made me feel short of breath for a bit. Like I felt when I was extremely pregnant. Luckily, I had a great doctor do some manipulation and she didn’t even tell me to stop lifting!

This morning I got a late start to lifting. I didn’t sleep well and had a hard time getting out of bed. Then kiddo wanted to nurse.

I finally got some chalk. I had been putting it off because I don’t like the feel of touching chalk. But I have to admit it was way easier to lift the bar with chalked up hands!

Reasons my toddler is crying: I won’t let him use all my chalk to draw on the sidewalk. Today is the day my husband is home from work and so I sent them out on a walk to buy some sidewalk chalk.

Life on the porch gym is pretty uneventful this week. Not every week is going to be awesome. Just par for the course when doing anything with consistency! Some weeks you make a lot of progress. Other weeks are just about maintaining the habits. Those weeks are less exciting, but just as important.


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