I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half!

Last month I posted about how eating intuitively had suddenly clicked for me….but that my shopping and cooking habits hadn’t caught up to my eating habits yet, so I was wasting a lot of food.

Well, this evening I went grocery shopping and realized that for the past two weeks, I had easily spent almost half of what I had spent in prior weeks. Even though I bought plenty of vegetables and fruit, some meat and seafood and eggs, and some treat foods (I still had plenty of dry goods in the pantry).

And the past couple Sunday nights, my husband and I have cooked some food to have on hand for the upcoming week, and we have done a pretty good job cooking the right amount for the week and not throwing much away.

And my pantry is pretty full, so I’m sure that if I actually bothered to meal plan, I’d spend even less.

So, I would say that I am adjusting well to my new intuitive eating habits….and they are benefiting not only my physical health (better sleep), but my budget too!


2 thoughts on “I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half!

  1. We’ve been eating through our pantry and once it’s gone only replacing w higher quality food. This is helping so much to empty out the “bad” choices out of the house and replace with more healthy, “smart” choices!


    • Good luck! This may seem counterintuitive, but it helped me to keep all the food in my house and stop labeling it as “good/bad” or “smart/junk” or “high/low quality.” It helped take the allure away from some foods. I enjoy all food now and my relationship with food is a lot more peaceful :).


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