A New Year, A New Spreadsheet, And 2 New PRs!

I only added a couple new habits to my list this month, so today should have felt like any other day, and not like a whole new year. However, I’ve been out of my usual routine, due to my husband’s injury, and our entire family including myself getting sick while I was on vacation from work . So today felt almost like I was starting something new, even though I was just getting back to my normal routine.

Today I tested my maximums in the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift, because that’s what the rest of the CrossFit box had done this week while I was out sick. I didn’t want to be left out of the barbell fun.

I was hoping for 205lbs on the back squat, and I achieved that! Last time I tested my 1 rep max was back in April, and it was 170lbs. So this is a 35lb PR! I wanted to go for 215, but I felt a bit off today (New Years festivities, getting over being sick), and as soon as I got the 215lb bar on my back, I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try it today. So I listened to my body and decided to be happy with 205.

My shoulder press max was 105, the same as it was back in April, which is great, considering I haven’t been training that lift.

My deadlift max was 245, a 10lb PR over April’s 235. Again, this is excellent, considering I haven’t trained any deadlifts since April.  I got a bit overconfident and shot for 285, which I was able to pull off the floor, but couldn’t straighten up. Maybe if I had been more conservative in my next attempts I would have gotten higher than 245. Either way, good job me!

Notes: I want to do more deadlifts. I miss them.

Later in the day, after I ate lunch and took a nap, I was glad that I had the energy to take kiddo out for a walk before it got dark out. I even walked home uphill on my back, and it didn’t feel bad, even after those heavy lifts toady.

And….since it’s officially 2016, I am officially starting a new tab on my spreadsheet….the rainbow tab! I am ridiculously excited about actually using my rainbow spreadsheet today.

Happy New Year!! Thanks for reading 🙂


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