Training Modification

This morning I modified my training plan based on my body’s feedback. I am experimenting with adding a fourth day back in – to work mostly on overhead work, like jerks and presses. Today my training plan had power cleans, power jerks and push presses. I woke up with my left knee feeling….off. Not injured, just a little tender. And I knew my legs were not recovered enough from yesterday to protect the knee well during power cleans. Knowing that I have full cleans and front squats tomorrow, I figured I could best care for myself by skipping the power cleans today for some extra recovery time.

A walk sounded good, so I took a walk around the block instead, before doing my overhead work. The push presses definitely got heavy. I need to add this work back in so I can build confidence on the clean and jerk.

Feeling proud that I listened to my knee to determine what would serve me best this morning, and the rest of the week. Take that, fitspo! (For a good laugh, check this out).


One thought on “Training Modification

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