Inertia, and a New Habit for my Introverted Self

I added a new habit to my healthy habits goals list for 2015: go for a walk at least 75 times between now and the end of the year.

I have become more introverted since having a kid, and especially since going back to work. Between my toddler and my job, I need a lot of introvert time. I still feel overloaded on human interaction a lot. So I tend to just stay in the house a lot, whenever I get time to myself.

That’s all well and fine…..but sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life sitting in my house a lot. And I just know that getting fresh air, sunshine, and movement other than weightlifting will probably be a positive contribution to my wellbeing.

75 feels like a doable number between now and the end of the year. It’s roughly three times per week. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s more than I am currently doing, between work and weightlifting and all the other responsibilities where it is more convenient to drive the car. In fact, even though it is a totally doable number, I am already thinking of reasons why it might get difficult. Like weather.

I decided not to put any mileage or time minimums on this goal. Any walk I do deliberately counts (obviously I am not counting incidental walking through parking lots and grocery stores). Today I walked less than a mile, but it took a long time because my toddler was walking himself. Whatever. I get a gold star for deliberately leaving my house and taking a walk instead of driving to the bank.Just another example of cultivating towards health supportive habits.


6 thoughts on “Inertia, and a New Habit for my Introverted Self

  1. This!!! It changed my life when I made my goal “go to the gym.” instead of “run eleventy billion miles and do ALL the yoga”. When I feel like I have already met my goal just by crossing the gym threshold, then I find myself wanting to extend my workout because it all feels like bonus exercise!!!


    • I feel the same way! I often do more than the threshold. For example, one of my goals is to eat a green vegetable every day. Many days, I eat several green vegetables. But one is the goal and it’s not hard to meet!


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