Just do one!

My toddler slept in this morning, so I actually got about halfway through my training in peace and quiet! That was a nice surprise this morning!

I’ve been following a Catalyst Athletics training program, and today’s workout called for finding a 3 rep max for the snatch, after a series of triples (sets of 3) at prescribed percentages.

I got to the point where I was ready to try for 3 reps at 30kg (my 1 rep max after finishing the Starter Program a few weeks back was 31kg). I side-eyed the bar and was kind of intimidated by the weight. I snatched the bar once and it felt heavy. I went for the second time and missed the lift out in front of me. I decided to rest a couple minutes and then try again.

After resting, I still found that I was up in my head, telling myself that this 30kg was heavy and that I could surely do it once, but I didn’t know about a triple. And then I thought: “I can do this once, three times. Just do one.” I snatched it. Heavy. I set the bar down and instead of counting “two” I told myself, “just do one.” Made it. And for the third rep: “just do one.”

I rest a few minutes and loaded the last kilogram onto the bar. I was determined to turn my previous 1 rep max (31kg) into a 3 rep max today. “Just do one.” And I made three lifts, telling myself to “just do one” before each lift.

And that is how I talked myself into turning my previous 1 rep max into a 3 rep max today! Feeling pretty proud of myself.

The workout also called for finding a 6 rep max for the back squat today. I was less intimidated by this because I have a lot more experience with the back squat than with a snatch. I definitely told myself “just do one” a few times though. My 6 rep max today was 67.5kg. With a toddler whining at me because he wanted to go past the bar. That should count for an extra kilo or two, right? 😉

After eating and showering, it was time for kiddo’s first parent-child swim lesson. The first time I’ve worn a bathing suit in public in two years or so. And I didn’t even shave. Would I rather lift or shave? Silly question! I really enjoyed being in the water (it felt good after all those squats) and kiddo seemed to have a lot of fun.

Feeling very good today! Thanks for reading :).


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