Two Amazing Things – Improvements on CPAP Therapy

I’ve been on CPAP therapy a little over a week now.  I’ve noticed two really great things happening.

Thing One

Yesterday I was ecstatic that  I was able to jump and run during kiddos’s gymnastics warm ups. The kids were playing tag and one of them tagged me and my first reaction was to join in (instead of “sorry, my legs are still tired from deadlifts.”). In the past, my muscles never recovered quickly enough from lifting for me to do things like run and jump.

And later in the day, when I was holding his hand in the library parking lot, and he yelled “1,2,3, RUN!”….and my leg muscles feel fresh enough that running was reasonable, so we ran….that was amazing and made me very thankful for oxygen.

We ran back to the car too.

Thing Two

The weirdest/coolest/most unexpected thing that has happened in my first week on CPAP – my milk supply has gone back up. For months now it was pretty low (which didn’t concern me as my kid only nurses at bedtime now and eats more food than some adults). I only heard occasional swallows. But a few days ago, I started hearing lots of swallowing in succession, or even gulps!

It’s crazy and amazing what enough oxygen will do!